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Random jrock pairings; crack fics; cross-overs
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Random pairings; crack fics; cross-overs. Or simply, pairings outside of the band.

Ever felt like wanting to write HakueixRuki? MiyavixBou, perhaps? Or maybe YoshikixZero?

If so, this is the place to indulge in those desires. No matter what your random pairing of choice is, we've got a spot for it here.

What this place is not for, though, is for pairings than can be found within a certain band. So no plain Gazette or Dir en grey or D'espairsRay etc pairings here, unless it's a threesome with someone from some other band as the third person.


Be nice to others. [This really should be self-explanatory.]
Keep comments (mostly) in English.
Don't delete or disable comments.
If you have claimed a theme set it would be polite to let us know if you decide that you can't finish it after all. Especially if you plan on leaving the community.
When posting your fic lj-cut is a friend. Also, remember to place warnings, ratings and other important information before the cut.
Please friends lock the fics that have the rating of NC-17.
When posting, tag your entries according to the pairing / character / band and the number of the theme set you have chosen. All the visible tags can be seen here and you are allowed to create new tags as well.
If you choose a special theme set, you can post your sentences only after you have completed them all.
If you have any questions or anything to say concerning the community, head over here.

There will be a separate challenge announced in the beginning of each month. These challenges vary from simple fic challenges to possible fan art/graphics challenges and more.
When you claim a theme set you may claim either a character or a pairing to go with it.
It is possible to claim a theme set without writing all the fics about the same pairing, as well.
There are no limitations as to how many times a certain theme set, pairing or character can be claimed.
You may claim more than one theme set if you wish.
There are no deadlines or time lines in general for writing the fics.
Your fic can be one-shot or multichaptered - if multichaptered, one theme=one chapter.
A fic should have minimum 100 words. There's no maximum for the words.
Threesomes and moresomes are allowed.
No original characters in the main pairings.
Feel free to interpret the themes any way you like.
Yaoi, het and non-yaoi alike are allowed.
You are allowed to post here fics that are unrelated to the themes, as well.

Theme sets
Theme sets consist of four sets of six separate themes and can be claimed either alone or with a pairing/character.
Special theme sets consist of four sets of 16 separate themes and should be claimed with a pairing or a character. Also, you will need to write one (1) sentence from each theme instead of actual fics. Sentences can be related or unrelated to each other.



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